Student Housing Internship Europe

In order to have the unforgettable experience during your internship it is important to have the right accommodation where you feel at home. The first step after arranging the internship is arranging a place to stay for the internship period. As it is a place where you usually have to stay for a longer period it is important to feel comfortable and have a good time. Rooms can sometimes be dirty, loud or just not excactly what you expected. GO Internship Europe can provide the right accommodation for you that fits all your requirements.

Student Housing, what is important?

It is important that you know what you want before booking a room. Do you want a double bed? How many roommates do you prefer? Which equipment is available in the kitchen? Do you want to invite friends over? All these factors should have to be taken into account when booking the right accommodation. Not all landlords can provide you an accomodation with these demands. We can help you to find the ones who can! We have good connections with accomodation providers in the big cities of Europe. Check the videos on this pages and our youtube channel to have an idea what we can offer you during an Internship in Europe.

Prices and Location

Not all rooms share the same price in Europe as some cities can be very expensive and some relatively cheap. The costs of living and the location of the accommodation can have a deep impact on the price and that is something we take in account every time. We provide accommodations with the lowest price possible and with the best quality possible. It is important to indicate your wishes to us when looking for a room or apartment. We can contact the right provider that has accommodations that can satisfy those needs. We are specialized for years in Housing and know all websites, mediators and dirty people. Please trust us and focus on your studies. We take care of your Internship in Europe dream!

GO placements service

After arranging your internship in Europe we focus on student housing for you. We plan a second Skype meeting and check your requirements e.g. price, location internship company, time period etc. With these requirements we make a selection for you. You can make a choice and book at the landlord directly or it will be one of the houses what we own. You always receive an accommodation contract in order to have no issues during your internship. Please check the above videos to have an impression what we have to offer.

GO Internship Europe Accommodation

Obviously, it divers from country and city what the price will be. Please also discuss the opportunity to do an internship together with classmates in Europe. This way you can share an apartment and is less costly. Please note that we are not responsible for the apartment as we are a third party assisting you to get an amazing time during your internship In Europe.