Internship Stockholm

Internship Stockholm

Stockholm is a vibrant and authentic city offering traditions of higher education. That is one of the reasons why Stockholm is the best place to follow your internship. It will give you a chance to experience the Scandinavian way of working and you will gain a lot of knowledge during your time, since you have the chance to learn what working really is about.
GO Placements makes sure to find an internship Stockholm in whichever field you are interested in.

Internship Stockholm

Living and Travel in Sweden

The working climate in Sweden is encouraging and active. Swedes are international minded, so you don’t need to be afraid you can’t communicate with the locals.
Stockholm is not only good for you to do your internship and to gain experience but furthermore offers a lot of ways to enjoy your free time. It is very convenient to enjoy nature in Stockholm. During the summer period you can easily reach lakes and beaches for swimming and during the winter period you have good accessible ski areas.

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The above Northern light is a must to see during your internship Stockholm adventure. These special lights are visible around November- January. Internship in Stockholm will offer you very high quality of internships and amazing city lifestyle. Don’t forget to see the nature with stunning hike trips and plan a trip with other Erasmus students in Stockholm. If you don’t like the city life and prefer a more rural area, no problem and just contact us!
Museum lovers have plenty variations of museums. For example The Vasa Museum, where you can find the only preserved seventeenth-century ship in the world and exciting art, the ABBA museum, where you can be treated to an authentic taste of Sweden or Skansen, which is the oldest open air museum in the world. The negative point of doing an internship Stockholm is that the prices are relatively high – a beer will cost 10 euro. On the other hand, the salaries in Stockholm are higher. In this city you can expect a remuneration to cover your costs during your internship. We as GO placements help you to find an amazing internship in this stunning country.

Internship Stockholm by GO placements

Last but not least Stockholm offers a wide range of cosy bars and cool clubs. There is something for every taste whether you like the hipster clubs or exclusive bars.
Considering all the advantages when it comes to the beautiful city Stockholm you should apply here to let us help you to find an internship. Go placements arrange a lot of activities to show you Scandinavia. You will have discounts on several trips and will introduce you to other international students. We can make promises like offer 24/7 service all included in the price but this will be a NO GO. We just arrange an internship + student accommodation in Stockholm because you do not need more. That’s why we are the cheapest in the market, we just arrange what you need in Stockholm. Just drop us a mail for a FREE Skype meeting.

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