Internship Lisbon

Internship Lisbon

There are many possibilities to have a great time during an internship in Lisbon. From enjoying a Portuguese dinner in one of the romantic streets of Bairro Alto to partying in one of Lisbon’s many clubs. Besides the relaxing part, Lisbon has many interesting historical buildings and monuments due to its history. Since we have an office in the heart of the city, GO Placements can easily arrange an internship for you in this wonderful upcoming European city. Enjoy an internship in Lisbon!

Nightlife in Lisbon
Discover the vibrant nightlife of Lisbon. Located in the heart of the city, Bairro Alto is the perfect place to start your evening. You can find dozens of cheap but great restaurants and bars over here. From a typically Portuguese dish like Bitoque to exotic meals in an Indian restaurant, Bairro Alto provides diversity. After you have enjoyed dinner, it is fun to have a drink in one of Bairro Alto’s trendy bars. During the long springs and summers in Lisbon, people spend their drinks on the streets.

Internship Lisbon Jeronimos Monastery GO
The famous Jerónimos Monastery

If you are in the mood to dance, you really should go to the one of the clubs in the neighbourhoods Alcântara and Santos, such as the famous K Urban Beach or Place. These clubs are near the beach. Every night there are different DJs playing here. During weekdays even pop artists and bands perform here live. No matter what your taste is, the nightlife in Lisbon offers everything!

Culture and History of Portugal

Due to the fact Portugal flourished politically and economically in the 16th and 17th century, its capital has many interesting historical buildings and monuments. For example, there is the São Jorge Castle, which has been the city centre for a long time. From the top of the castle, you have an astonishing view over Lisbon. Obviously, there are more interesting historical spots. In the neighbourhood Belem you will find the Belem Tower and the Jerónimos Monastery, which both were built around 1500. Such establishments are the remains of Portugal’s blooming era. Learn about the Portuguese culture during an internship in Lisbon.

Internship Lisbon Bairro Alto
A romantic street in Bairro Alto – Lisbon

Internship Lisbon by GO placements

GO Placements can arrange such an internship in Lisbon for you!Due to the fact Lisbon offers many great restaurants, bars and clubs as well as interesting historical buildings and monuments, it is a great European city to do an internship. Since we have an office in Lisbon, we are perfectly able to arrange such an internship in Lisbon for you. Moreover, we organise social activities to make you feel at ease and we provide discounts on trips. GO placements will start in September 2016 with student festivals in Lisbon. Lots of students in Amsterdam are famous DJ; we as GO placements give them the opportunity to break through the international student vibe. We as GO placements are busy to built an international student brand focus on YOU! An internship in Lisbon is cheap, sunny and an amazing experience. Contact us now for a FREE Skype to do an internship Lisbon. Best regards the GO Team.

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