Internship Europe

As the smallest of all the continents and with 27 countries located within the European Union alone, Europe offers a variety of experiences for both long and short visits. An internship to Europe can provide experiences and memories to last a lifetime. Given the variety of architecture, landscapes, climates and historical reference points within Europe, it is no exaggeration to state that nearly anyone could find a suitable internship in Europe.

Internship Rome
Even during a short internship to Europe, it is possible to experience several different countries, thanks to the compact geography of the continent. The extensive European railway system makes traveling between countries convenient and often an enjoyable aspect of an internship. You don’t need car rental in the major cities, just a public transport card and off you GO!

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What to visit during your internship

Many famous architectural and historical sites are located in Europe, such as the Eiffel Tower and ruins of ancient Greece and Rome. Europe is also home to many beautiful scenic areas, including the Alps, the countryside of France, Scotland and Ireland, the Black Forest of Germany, and the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. When going to Europe for your internship you get the opportunity to enjoy authentic Italian, French and other delicious cuisines and wines, recommended! Travelling in Europe is very cheap as you can book return flight tickets already for 100 euro. Europe is well known for it’s infrastructure, you can travel very cheap by buss, train, flights.

Travel within Europe

The diversity of this beautiful continent is endless. One moment you’re having a delicious espresso in the heart of Italy and the other moment you’re enjoying some Tapas on the Spanish seaside, in less than two hours flying. When going to Europe, also take a look at some language cources. Image, learning some Spanish, Italian, some romantic words in French?! We as GO placements cooperate with language schools in entire Europe. We know where it is great to do an internship in order to combine it with a language cource. Let us just design your true Europe Internship experience. We are located in Europe with 2 offices; The Netherlands and Portugal and Travel lots throughout Europe. We know all the internship companies well and are specialized in Europe for years.

Internship Barcelona

If you still think: Why go to Europe for my internship, you’re thinking wrong. When am I going to do my internship in this beautiful continent, is a much better question. Don’t hesitate and just GO for it! We always advice to have a FREE skype with us to discuss what your goal is. We advice you which country is the best according to your budget and personal goals. There are lots of differences in prices, languages, rules etc. at what we can advice you.
We are also interested in your career goals so we know if we can place you at a local, small company or bigger companies. Just make a list of your questions and we take all the time for you during the Free skype meeting about an internship Europe. Looking forward to speak to you soonest.