Internship-Europe Program

Internship-Europe is an internship program we offer that covers internships in all the main and sought after countries in the European Union. We know how important it is to have the right “fit” with an intern and the hosting organisation, let our experience guide you. We arrange your internship, assignment, accommodation and even airport pickup if necessary. Trust our network of multinational companies that will shine on your CV.

We arrange internships mostly in the following countries:

* United Kingdom
* Germany
* Spain
* Portugal
* France
* Netherlands

The Erasmus internship offers all interns the ability to have extra money to pay for housing as your government will provide you with a small sponsorship. We always keep up to date with the latest trends and government policies to help you save money.

Why The Internship-Europe Program?

Internship Europe waterway
Why the Internship-Europe program? As young professional you will soon realise the value in having a multinational network of contacts and work experience. Many organisations value an employee with multicultural experience, including the sought after multinationals. Go Internship Europe may even place you several times during your studies, this allows us to plan ahead and make sure you have valuable mix of corporations on your CV relative to your study line.

What is more, the joint Economy of the European Union generated a GDP of €12.7 trillion in 2014! The European Union is well-known to house some of the most powerful countries with the highest GDPs, such as Germany. Where we find the highest GDPs we also find the latest and most advanced technology and business development, you will be at the centre of human development in the world!

Super-power Multinationals
Leading power-house multinationals have their headquarters in the European Union. A few of many examples are Allianz, the world’s largest financial services provider by revenue, WPP plc, the world’s largest advertising agency by revenue and Airbus, the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer by revenue. Even the largest beer company, Anheuser-Busch InBev have their headquarters in the European Union.

internship Amsterdam

Tourism and Culture
Europe is also ancient, offering rich historical sites and cultures. France is the world’s number one tourist destination for international visitors, followed by Spain, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. The open borders allow easy travel to neighbour countries. The well-maintained infrastructure means that If you travel just a few hours you will find yourself immersed in a new culture. From beer in Germany to Bitterballen in the Netherlands, each culture is unique in cuisine and socialising.
What types of internships are available through our Internship-Europe Program?

Any internship you can imagine but mainly:
* Marketing Internship
* Finance Internship
* Online or E-commerce Internship
* Engineering Internship
* Logistics Internship
* Communication Internship

What do you get for €500?
We arrange your internship, including your assignment, and your accommodation. In some European countries where public transport does not reach your internship, we can arrange collection at the airport!

We know how important it is finding the right Accommodation during your Internship-Europe Program. We are skilled at finding value-for-money accommodation that will be offset by your Erasmus internship fund. We take the worry and fuss away. Let our experienced staff help you find your perfect setting during your internship-Europe Program.
We are also there to support you throughout your Internship-Europe Program. If you have any issues we are there to offer advice and guidance. For more detailed information check internship pricing.

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