Internship Budapest

Internship Budapest

The capital of Hungary offers you many opportunities to have a wonderful time during an internship. From a relaxed atmosphere in one of the many green parks to a vibrant at the Sziget Festival, an internship in Budapest provides it all. Furthermore, due to its history Budapest has many historical buildings and interesting stories to tell. Located in the heart of Central-Europe, Budapest is upcoming as an Erasmus and internship city. Would you like to do an internship in the Hungarian capital? GO Placements can help you finding one!

Internship Budapest Parliament Building GO
The beautiful Hungarian Parliament Building seen from the Danube river

Nights during an Internship Budapest

During an internship in Budapest there are many possibilities to have a wonderful night. From bars and clubs in the centre of Pest to the big festival of Sziget, Budapest offers it all. However, the night starts in one of the many green parks Budapest has. After having a beer or wine there, you have to taste the local alcoholic specialty: Pálinka. Made of apricot spirits it is one of the best Hungarian liquors.

Internship Budapest Pálinka GO
Pálinka, the well-known famous Hungarian liquor

Afterwards you could go to the Szimpla, which is a bar or pub with ancient garbage and other spectacular objects. Although the place seems a bit odd, the atmosphere inside is great and it is the perfect bar to continue your great night. Would you like to dance intensively? There are many wonderful clubs where you could go. Move during an internship in Budapest.
Culture and History of Hungary
Budapest was formed in 1873 after Buda and Pest, two different cities on both sides of the Danube river, had congregated. Due to the fact Hungary was part of the Austrian(-Hungarian) Empire in that time, Budapest has some beautiful neoclassical spots such as the Hungarian Parliament Building and St Stephen’s Basicila. Trips to these historical buildings in Pest are worth your time during an internship in Budapest.

Internship Budapest Margaret Island GO
Margaret Sziget, a famous island between Buda and Pest

In general, the entire city centre of Budapest is wonderful because of the great boulevards built in the 19th century. Since Budapest has many architectural beauties, it is considered as ‘Paris of Central Europe’. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe and it is rated as one of the most idyllic places to live. Moreover, Budapest has many spa’s to come at ease after an tiring week.

Internship Budapest arranged by GO placements


During an internship in Budapest there are many wonderful bars and clubs to enjoy the evenings. After having a fantastic night, you can easily relax in one of the many beautiful parks. Or you could visit the Parliament Building or St Stephen’s Basilica. GO Placements is able to find such an internship in Budapest for you! In order to make you feel at ease we organise social activities and provide you discounts on trips. Just contact us for a FREE Skype about the possibilities in Budapest and we make you an adventure what you will never forget! Just GO for it!