Internship Barcelona

Internship Barcelona

8 Great reasons to go Scuba Diving in Barcelona Right Now!
With the scuba diving experience, feel the cool water, salty breeze blowing against your skin, beautiful views of the land and breathtaking underwater, what more can you ask for? …

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1. It is a great way of exercising !
Scuba diving is a great form of exercise, challenging every one of your muscles. By swimming, kicking, and paddling through the water, you will get a great workout especially for your legs and backside! This is a perfect activity for the fitness lover!
2. It improves your respiratory system!
Scuba diving takes a lot of strength from your lungs. Being submerged in the water, you will make a greater effort to take in as much air as possible from your oxygen tank, helping you to strengthen and exercise your lungs, a body part that is sometimes ignored with other exercises!
3. It reduces blood pressure
Scuba diving has been proven to lower your blood pressure and help blood circulation, lowering your risk of a stroke and heart attack!
4. Improves flexibility

Internship Barcelona
Internship Barcelona in Spain

Preventing muscle injury starts with being flexible. Many people have a hard time touching their toes with their fingers, which puts them at risk for pulling or tearing a muscle during strenuous physical activity! By scuba diving, you can improve your flexibility. Being in the water helps elongate your muscles naturally, increasing your muscles ability to stretch.
5. It relieves stress
The daily life and your internship can catch up to you, leaving you stressed, irritated, and exhausted. Float your stress away under the blue crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Submerge yourself away from the loud city and center yourself while taking in the calming and colorful scenery of the deep blue sea.
6. Diverse Reef Habitats
Think exploring the city is the only way to make unforgettable memories? Think again! According to World Wide Fund, coral reefs are home to more than 25% of all known marine fish species! By taking part in a scuba diving adventure, you will enjoy sightings of many different marine life species, some rare and some more common yet all beautiful in their own way!

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7. You can get away from the scorching heat in Barcelona!
With temperatures and humidity in Barcelona reaching the high 20´s in July and 30 degrees Celsius in August, you will want an escape from the hot rays of sunshine and the busy days at your internship! Spending a day out on the sea swimming in the refreshing waters is the perfect summer heat getaway!
8. It is a perfect family or group activity
You and your friends or colleagues can spend the day together getting pleasure from the beautiful sights and enjoying the water away from the rest of civilization! Relax, take in your surroundings and forget about the cell phones, emails, and social media updates! Spend quality time together making unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

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