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The Erasmus scholarship is basically created in 1987 to encourage students to gain an international experience. Many Universities have put their heads together in order to give YOU more opportunities. This way you can study and doing internships all over Europe with an EU gift per month. The program is part of the Lifelong learning Program of the EU, this is an umbrella program with multiple other programs. The programs aims to have more students going abroad in order to study and doing internships in a country which is part of the EU including Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

What is an Erasmus Internship?

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The Erasmus scholarship is a fund by the EU for EU students who would like to study or doing an internship in an other EU member country. The Erasmus internships are very populair and almost 90% of all EU Universities are able to support you in this and are alinged by the program. Therefore, please check all the information with your study coach beforehand. The Erasmus internship scholarship is available for every student who would like to do an internship within 3 months or a year. It depends on your study and country what the amount will be, normally a few hundred euro to cover most of your expenses. You will see during your internship period organized by GO placements you will meet a lot of students who are making use of the Erasmus Internship scholarship. Having some saving money,  internship remuneration from the company and thid gift from the EU you can easily finance your Europe internship adventure.

How do I apply for the Erasmus gift?

It is very easy to apply fora n Erasmus gift. The Erasmus program has thousands of contacts wit hall Universities in Europe who can assist you arranging all paperwork. Obvously, your internship couch will know about it also just contact him/her. Otherwise you can go to the Erasmus website and just click on apply. We as GO placements note that when having a GO from the company, immediately start arranging the Erasmus papers. Your study coach will support you with handing in all the papers. We as GO placements has a lot of experience in these steps and can also help you when necessary.

The ‘brand’ Erasmus Internship

Mostly all students are familiar with the Erasmus Internship in Europe that it becomes like a brand. You will receive discounts in bars, musea etc. Bars, Student associactions do a lot about international activities. Going to Europe for your internship doesn’t have to be scary! Just check online which student associactions are present in the city, say you are an Erasmus student and Bingo! Your new Internship Europe adventure started. If you feel insecure about going abroad alone, just as kus to help you! We just want to help you making an amazing international experience. Please note, these arrangements are only made for EU students going to other EU countries fora n Internship or to study. Please contact us if you are from an other continent, then we check together which scholarships are interesting for you.

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