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GO internship Europe is part of GO placements who is specialized in high quality internships in Europe and Africa. In Africa we also arrange volunteer programs for global students. We provide 360 degree service that includes arranging the internship, accommodation, car rental, local tours and activities. We have worked 8 years to built an extensive portfolio of companies to offer high quality internships. We established GO placements rapidly and currently have an office in Cape Town, Lisbon and The Netherlands. As we grow, you can also do an internship at one of our offices if you like to help building the GO brand.

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The Internship process works the following: First we have a Skype meeting to get to know you and then we search our extensive network of partner companies until we find a good ‘fit’ for you and your University requirements. Student accommodation is then provided within reasonable distance of the internship. We make a selection of student houses in a reasonable circle of your internship company. This way you don’t have to travel far to your internship company which saves you a lot of money. We are not a company who promise you everything e.g. assistance 24/7. No, we just arrange what you need which is an Internship in Europe and student housing. Obviously, when there are any issues you can always contact us and we try to help you. This means we are the cheapest internship provider in the market and just provide easily what you need as a student. NO fancy websites, just real people! Our focus is being personal and helping YOU! You will have a personal account manager and we even give you peronal updates by Whatsapp. Is this peronal or not?:)
We like to give you personal service, not just initially but throughout your internship too. Your happiness and contentment are our number one priority!


Why an Internship in Europe?

Although Europe was hit by the Euro Crises, it is still one of the prominent economic hubs in the world. The European Union is one of the world’s greatest economies, contributing 20% to the world’s GDP in 2012.
The mostly open borders between countries make it easy to travel to neighbouring countries during your time off while on an internship.  A new adventure is only a short drive, train ride or flight away. Let Go Europe Internship arrange it for you!
Spend this important part of your career in a culturally significant region in the world’s history. Experience cultures that predate modern globalization yet are up to today’s modern standards. Visit the great cities of Europe such as London, Madrid, Berlin and Paris.
Just GO for it!
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Go Europe Internship aims to provide high quality internships in European countries to our clients. We also strive to provide value for money accommodation, appropriate car rental services and exciting adventure and travel tours.

It is our mission to help you create memories that will last you a lifetime, to help you grow and develop as you progress though your internship.

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